Professionelle Übersetzungen und Lektorate individuell aus allen Fachbereichen

Copy Editing

At Cambridge Editing we provide clients with impeccable copy editing services! Our copy editing services target both the details and broad subject matter of your document. Our highly qualified team of copy editors will meticulously analyze, revise and optimize your document. Your final document will display the expertise and erudition of a university educated native speaker! ▶ more

Professional translation with 100% satisfaction guarantee

At Cambridge Editing we provide translation services in 15 different languages. Our customized approach allows us to learn about our clients’ individual needs and address their specific concerns. Our translating team is comprised of highly qualified, university educated native speakers. From the time your order is placed until delivery of the final version we will carefully review and translate your document, working with you every step of the way. ▶ more

Express Service

For each assignment, we strive to deliver work of the highest quality as quickly as possible. With our express services, we can further expedite the processing and handling of your urgent copy editing and translating needs. At Cambridge Editing we are happy to help accommodate even the most pressing deadlines. Our express services include a 200 % money-back guarantee to further ensure that your document will be returned in accordance with your deadline.
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Plagiarism analysis

At Cambridge Editing we also offer plagiarism analysis. With our plagiarism analysis service, your text will be confidentially checked against a database of more than 8 billion documents. Should our database detect any unoriginal text we will alert you of our findings and direct you to the original source. Google+ ▶ more